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Professional Freezer ANFC21

Professional Freezer ANFC21

Specially Designed to Protect the Quality and Nutrition of All-Natural Food!


24 Important Benefits of this Exclusive Unit...

ANFCNA© Seal of Approval – Approved by the All-Natural Food Council of North America to meet the high standards necessary to ensure proper, long-term storage of additive-free, all natural foods.

U.L. Commercial Approved – unit meets or exceeds the specifications for a commercially-designated freezing appliance, yet is aesthetically designed specifically for in-home use.

Made in North America – Proudly manufactured in the USA by the most advanced manufacturer of freezing appliances for the home in the world.

High--Density, foamed-in-place Insulation – the ultimate in effective insulation - saves energy and forms a rugged bond between the inner and outer walls for maximum strength and durability.

One--piece, wrap around construction – walls and top of the cabinet are made from one piece of steel, eliminating the need for seams and joints that could cause harmful air leakage.

Powder-coated interior and exterior surfaces – electrostatically applied to provide a beautiful, rust-resistant, professional and easy-to-keep-clean finish for many years.

Warm wall condensing system – condensing coils are bonded to the sidewalls and top to provide the most efficient removal and dissipation of heat. Also helps prevent exterior condensation from forming during high humidity conditions and eliminates messy, dust-collecting coils on the back or bottom of the unit.

Double-wide, rubber-encased, magnetic door gasket with secondary bottom gasket – assures door seals securely against the cabinet to provide maximum protection from warm air entering the unit around the door.

Coil-free, air-flow shelves – These rigid, grid-type shelves (one adjustable) are designed so they’re sturdy enough to be loaded fully, yet allow the cold air to properly envelop the food and maintain consistent temperature throughout the unit.

Continuous Power Defrost System – prevents harmful frost build-up on shelves and packages (which can lead to ‘freezer burn’ and desiccation of food.) This also eliminates the time-consuming and cumbersome chore of periodically defrosting.

Deluxe Convenience Group -

    Large, bottom, glide-out basket - for convenient storage and access of bulky items.

    Mid-level, glide-out basket – for easy access to popular or hard-to-stack items.

    Adjustable door bins – provide flexible storage space at multiple levels.

Safety lock with self-ejecting key – provides 24/7 security of your food inventory.

Energy Star Rated Unit Saves money by meeting the high standards of energy efficiency that typically result in 20%-30% less energy consumption than required by federal standards.

Top-mounted, interior illumination system – 40W Blue Light with enhanced light shield is mounted at the top, front of the unit and automatically turns on when door is opened to make it easy to find products.

Door-closer – mechanism’s unique design allows even a heavily-loaded door to close easily.

165 degree door stop – prevents an opened freezer door from swinging back against adjacent cabinetry and appliances - protects both the unit and what’s next to it.

Precision-Set, one-touch, Electronic Controls and Readout– provides visual feedback to the user and allows internal temperatures to be easily adjusted to a range of desired settings.

Tamper-proof, digital Control Lock – assures that desired temperature setting is maintained and cannot accidentally be changed.

Digital temperature monitor alarm – warns you if the temperature inside the unit reaches a level that could be un-safe for the food. Also alerts you if the door is left open for more than 5 minutes.

Fahrenheit/Centigrade display – allows temperature controls to be displayed in dual modes.

Textured surfaces in classic ‘bright‘ white’ – are easy to clean, resist stains, hide smudges and are always bright and stylish.

Sealed refrigeration system – eliminates ongoing maintenance of motors, bearings, gears, etc., in the entire freezing system.

“Convection-Freeze” System – continually surrounds your food with optimal, sub-zero air circulation to en-sure that all products are kept at perfect temperature, regardless of location in the unit.

‘Extreme Freeze’ Feature – can turn the entire unit into a ‘quick freeze’ system, driving the internal temperature to 20 to 30 degrees (F) below zero. Quick freeze in-season vegetables from your garden, or properly freeze fish that have been freshly caught, cleaned and packaged.

Adjustable leveling legs – to help ensure proper installation of the unit, especially on uneven floors such as common in basements, garages, etc.



Dimensions and Specifications


Net AHAM capacity

20.6 Cubic Feet

Cabinet Height


Height w/Hinge




Cabinet depth


Depth w/door:


Depth w/handle


With door @ 90 degrees



115 V

Gross Weight

240 lbs.

Power cord length